What Happens at a Pediatric Dental Visit?

By age one or as soon as your child has teeth, dental care is essential. And while some aspects of their visits will be similar to general dental appointments, pediatric dentistry offers specialized care that meets the unique needs of your growing child.

Our experienced team of dentists at Swinney Dental in Tyler, Texas, is pleased to provide pediatric dental care for kids of all ages. Read on to learn more about pediatric dentistry, including what to expect at your child’s visits.

Benefits of pediatric dental visits

Just like adult dental visits, pediatric visits go a long way in promoting dental health. With kids, however, such care serves an even more powerful preventative role by catching any issues early on and setting the stage for positive life-long care.

Some of the benefits of pediatric dental visits include:

Decay prevention is especially important for kids, as it’s the most common chronic disease to affect them. 

Your provider will also educate you on healthy habits for your child and any recommended changes. They may help you understand when a cavity has stemmed from falling asleep with a bottle of juice or milk, for example, and encourage you to switch to a cup. The team can also show you proper brushing techniques for your child.

What happens at a pediatric dental visit

Each pediatric dental visit is unique, based on factors such as your child’s age and overall dental health. Some of the standard steps the team takes, however, include:

Pediatric dental visits are nothing to fear, and the team takes pride in making your child comfortable.

When to schedule a pediatric dental visit

We recommend that all kids come in regularly for pediatric dental visits starting just after their third birthday. Before that, it’s important to bring them in for an initial checkup by age one or when the first tooth emerges. 

You’ll also want to bring your child in if they start showing signs of a dental problem, such as bleeding gums, tooth or gum pain, or if they experience a dental injury. That applies regardless of their age.

To learn more about pediatric dental visits or get needed care for your child, call Swinney Dental to schedule an appointment with the experienced team. You can also book using our convenient online booking feature on this website. 

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