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Kids have a lot going on with their teeth. From their first tooth to braces, you want to make sure dentistry is comfortable for your child. At Swinney Dental in Tyler, Texas, Kayla Morton, DDS, and the team provide kid-friendly pediatric care for children of all ages. To start your child’s oral health habits early, call Swinney Dental or book an appointment online today.

Pediatric Care

What is pediatric care?

In dentistry, pediatric care is focused on children and their unique needs. Going to the dentist (or any new or unusual place) can be intimidating for kids, and the team at Swinney Dental works to make dentistry more comfortable and tolerable.

Children should start coming in for regular dental visits right after their 3rd birthday. Before that, you must bring them in for an initial visit shortly after the emergence of their first tooth. No matter the age of your child or their familiarity with the dentist, the Swinney Team welcomes them with friendly smiles.

What happens at a pediatric dental visit?

Pediatric dental visits might sound familiar because they involve lots of the same steps as adult visits. At your child’s regular appointments, Dr. Morton and the team:

  • Gently examine their teeth and gums
  • Take X-rays to view developing teeth
  • Do a simple cleaning
  • Talk to you and your child about brushing habits
  • Give tips for home care

If you have a younger child, the team looks for signs of habits like thumb sucking that could put them at risk of avoidable oral health problems. They also teach you how to optimize your child’s diet and limit sugary foods to help them avoid cavities.

How should I prepare my child for their first pediatric dental visit?

Dr. Morton gets a lot of questions about preparing children for their first dental visit. To help your child adjust to the new experience, she suggests taking some steps before the appointment. Depending on your child’s age and comfort levels, you can:

  • Read books about going to the dentist
  • Come in for a short tour of the office
  • Tell them about your own experiences at the dentist
  • Talk them through the steps of a dental visit
  • Compare it to their first haircut or going to the doctor

A positive first experience at the dentist sets your child up for easy visits in the future. Visiting the dentist also helps them learn healthy habits and stop bad habits early to make their oral health a priority.

To book your child’s first experience at the dentist or a routine visit, call Swinney Dental or use the online scheduling tool today.