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SOFT INTRO (50-100 words): Emergencies are unpredictable, but treating them shouldn’t have to be. At Swinney Dental in Tyler, Texas, Chip Swinney, DDS, ensures that emergency services are directly available from him as fast as possible following your injury. If you have an emergency on your hands and need treatment now, call Swinney Dental or reserve the next available appointment online today.

Emergency Dentistry

What is emergency dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is a prompt dental treatment that’s crucial to the future of your oral health. Just like with any medical emergency, dental emergencies need treatment as soon as possible after you notice the problem.

Swinney Dental provides extended office hours and weekend service to patients who need emergency dental care. This means that you can get treatment from a dentist that you know in a familiar setting. Direct contact with Dr. Swinney is also available in cases of emergencies.

How do I know I have a dental emergency?

You can’t predict a dental emergency, but the signs that you have one are usually pretty clear-cut. You must contact Swinney Dental as soon as possible if you have:

  • Sharp, stabbing tooth pain
  • A knocked-out tooth
  • A broken tooth
  • A missing crown or filling
  • An object stuck in your mouth
  • Severe swelling in your jaw

Dental emergencies are often linked to accidents, falls, and contact sports. If your injury or condition is life-threatening, you must call 911 or go to a hospital emergency room instead.

What emergency dentistry services are available?

The team at Swinney Dental is fully equipped to handle most dental emergencies right in the office. Some available emergency dental services are:

Toothache relief

Toothaches can happen for a number of reasons. Because many toothaches are severe and need to be addressed as soon as possible, you should see your dentist right away when you get one.

Sore gum relief

Sore gums might not seem like a big issue, but prompt diagnosis and treatment gives you the best chance at relief. Contact Swinney Dental if your gums are persistently sore.

Swollen jaw relief

Swelling in your jaw is a good indication of an injury or a deep infection. The team at Swinney Dental can find out what’s going on and start your treatment right away.

Dental repair

Even though your teeth are strong, high impact can cause them to break, crack, or fall out. The team works swiftly to save your tooth when this happens.

Restoration repair

If you lose or break a crown, or if a filling comes loose, you must contact Dr. Swinney immediately for reattachment. These occurrences can cause severe tooth pain.

Dental emergencies are often sudden and scary, but the team at Swinney Dental has you covered. Don’t hesitate to call Swinney Dental or book the next available appointment online if you have a dental emergency.