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Why You Shouldn't Ignore a Cracked or Missing Crown

Dental crowns are pretty incredible innovations. The devices can essentially give you a “new tooth,” or at least the appearance and function of one after the original tooth has been severely damaged due to factors such as gum disease or decay. Once a crown is cracked or falls out, however, those benefits can diminish quickly, making way for bothersome problems. 

Our experienced dentists at Swinney Dental, located in Tyler, Texas, place dental crowns that look natural, fill gaps in your smile, and restore your tooth’s function. Keep reading to learn more about crowns and reasons you don’t want to ignore one that’s cracked or missing. 

Why a crown may crack or detach

Dental crowns tend to be quite stable, but like most medical aids, they aren’t fail-proof. Sometimes a crown cracks or becomes loose because it’s old. And if it was put in place decades ago, the materials and techniques might not have been as advanced as they are today, making the crown more vulnerable to damage. 

The cement used to secure a crown may also wash away over an extended time. In addition, biting down with high pressure on hard foods can cause a crown to crack or fall out. The same can stem from an acute injury to your mouth.

Complications of a cracked or missing crown

Given that dental crowns help restore a tooth that has experienced decay or damage, once the crown is no longer in place, you’re again susceptible to complications of those factors. A cracked or missing crown allows harmful bacteria to re-enter the area, making way for problems such as:

A cracked crown can also cause cuts in your tongue, due to its jagged edges, bringing on discomfort and, potentially, bleeding. And if the location of the crown is visible when you talk or smile, you might find yourself feeling self-conscious about your changed appearance. 

What to do about a cracked or missing crown

As soon as you notice that you’ve cracked or lost a dental crown, contact our team at Swinney Dental. If the issue is addressed quickly, you could save yourself from the added time, stress, and discomfort delayed care can require.

Dr. Swinney or Dr. Motion can clean the area, assess for and deal with any problems, and replace the crown. You may start out with a temporary crown while the new one is created. Regardless, the process is generally not a painful one if you haven’t yet experienced complications. If you have, sedation and numbing options are available.

To learn more about dental crowns or get a damaged or missing one replaced, call Swinney Dental or schedule an appointment with Dr. Chip Swinney or Dr. Kayla Morton using our online booking feature. 

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