What to Expect With Nitrous Oxide Sedation

What to Expect With Nitrous Oxide Sedation

If you’re nervous about an upcoming dental procedure or simply desire a more comfortable experience, consider nitrous oxide sedation. Dental providers started using it during treatment in the mid-1800s, making it one of the longest-standing sedation options. Best of all, its proven track record of benefits goes beyond relaxation.

Our experienced team of dentists at Swinney Dental in Tyler, Texas, is pleased to offer nitrous oxide sedation to treat anxiety and discomfort during your dental work.

Here’s a closer look at the option, including what to expect during and after your treatment.

How nitrous oxide sedation works

Nitrous oxide sedation uses a gas form of nitrous oxide blended with oxygen. Once the mask is placed over your nose, you start breathing the blend in. Shortly after, you’ll feel calmer, more relaxed, and a bit light-headed. You might also notice a subtle heavy sensation in your limbs.

Nitrous oxide sedation is also known as conscious sedation because you stay awake — just in a more relaxed state. And although you’ll be able to respond to commands while it’s active, you won’t likely recall details of your procedure afterward.

Once your nitrous oxide mask has been removed, the effects wear off within minutes. So unlike other forms of sedation, you may be able to drive yourself home after your treatment. Because people respond differently to the gas, however, plan to have someone else drive.

Benefits of nitrous oxide sedation

Nitrous oxide sedation can provide a range of both physical and emotional benefits. Perks you can anticipate include:

The emotional benefits may help minimize anxiety leading up to a procedure as well. You can rest easier knowing that you won’t have to deal with discomfort or pain. Nitrous oxide sedation can even make the administration of any numbing agent, like novocaine, a breeze. 

Sedation makes it easier to keep up with your appointments. That is important, given that around 30% of people in the United States have avoided the dentist due to fear or anxiety.

If you’re on the fence about nitrous oxide sedation, you can request a 5-minute trial in our office to see how it feels before committing.

To learn more about or to get the care you need, call our dental team at Swinney Dental. You can also schedule an appointment using the convenient online booking feature on our website.

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