The Clear Advantages of Laser Dentistry

The Clear Advantages of Laser Dentistry

For many people, going to the dentist causes anxiety. If you have a condition that may require lengthy treatment, or you just really don’t like the feel or sound of drills or other dental tools, you may be tempted to delay or avoid the care you need.

Rather than put your oral health at risk or attempt to grin and bear anxiety and stress caused by going to the dentist, consider laser dentistry. Using advanced technology, laser dentistry can accomplish similar outcomes of traditional treatments with less hassle.

Our experienced team of dentists at Swinney Dental in Tyler, Texas, will soon provide Solea® dental laser treatment as an effective alternative to many traditional, more invasive procedures. Take a few minutes to learn about the basics of laser dentistry, as well as advantages that can make it a cut above the rest.

Laser dentistry basics

Laser dentistry uses beams of concentrated light energy to accomplish a range of dental tasks normally completed using tools such as drills. Your provider targets this special light toward specific tissue in the treatment area to remove or reshape it. The process can address hard-tissue concerns involving your teeth and soft-tissue concerns involving your gums.

Hard-tissue laser dentistry procedures include:

Soft-tissue laser dentistry procedures include:

Benefits of laser dentistry

Because laser dentistry is less invasive than many traditional treatments, it boasts several benefits that many people find comforting. Some of the most popular perks include:

You may also have a lower risk of side effects or complications, such as infections, if you opt for laser dentistry instead of traditional dental surgery. And in some cases, laser dentistry does away with the need for anesthesia.

If you would like whiter teeth, struggle with dental anxiety, or need treatment for an issue such as a cavity or gum disease, you may be a strong candidate for laser dentistry. 

To learn more or to get the care you need, call our dental team at Swinney Dental or schedule an appointment using the convenient online booking feature. 

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