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Start the Fall Season With a Whiter Smile

Start the Fall Season With a Whiter Smile

Whether you want a whiter and brighter smile in time for fall classes or to show off during the upcoming holidays, autumn is a great time to consider professional teeth whitening. And while a whitening kit from your local grocery store or pharmacy might be tempting, they’re often cumbersome and less effective. 

Professional teeth whitening treatment can offer more dramatic and natural-looking results without concerns about “doing it right” or wasting your money. 

Our experienced team of dentists at Swinney Dental in Tyler, Texas, is pleased to offer in-office Philips Zoom® whitening and professional-grade whitening kits you can use at home.

Read on to learn more about teeth whitening, including the benefits and what to expect.

What discolors your teeth

Several factors can cause stains and discoloration on your teeth, including:

Your teeth may also develop yellow or grayish hues if you eat lots of starchy foods, such as potatoes or pastas, or if discolored teeth run in your family.

How teeth whitening can help

The in-office option we offer, Zoom teeth whitening, takes place during a roughly one-hour appointment. Proven to lighten your teeth up to 8 shades in less than 45 minutes, Zoom uses a special whitening gel and blue LED light-accelerated technology for maximum results. Another gel containing Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ADP) improves the luster of your teeth, protects your enamel, and reduces sensitivity.

If you have sensitive teeth, you may want to try one of our professional-grade at-home whitening kits. This gentler treatment offers gradual results over days or weeks. During that time, you’ll wear your gel-filled customized trays for about an hour daily. 

We also offer the GLO® at-home whitening system, which uses a whitening agent that doesn’t contain bleach and an electronic mouthpiece that warms the gel. 

Making the most of your teeth whitening

Once you’ve completed your teeth whitening treatment, follow our team’s instructions for follow-up care. You may need to avoid certain foods and drinks temporarily. 

You can also maintain your results by limiting dark-colored drinks or brushing your teeth or swishing mouthwash after drinking them. Meanwhile, take good care of your teeth by brushing and flossing daily and schedule routine cleanings

To learn more about teeth whitening or to get the treatment you desire, call our dental team at Swinney Dental today. You can also schedule an appointment using the convenient online booking feature on our website.

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