Should I Get Bonding, Veneers, or Implants?

If you’re concerned about the look of your teeth, you may want to consider cosmetic or restorative dentistry. A few popular options include bonding, veneers, and implants

While all three of these treatments can effectively improve your teeth, they do so in different ways and invite different benefits. And because each person is unique, it’s important to work with an expert to determine your best possible choice.

Our experienced team of dentists at Swinney Dental in Tyler, Texas, are pleased to provide restorative and cosmetic treatments, whether you have a missing or severely damaged tooth or numerous aesthetic concerns. 

Read on to learn about bonding, veneers, and implants, including which treatment is best for you.

The basics of bonding, veneers, and implants

Bonding involves the application of a resin plastic composite to your teeth. A special light hardens the resin, bonding it to your teeth. 

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain or another composite that replace the outer layer of your teeth. The veneers are created using impressions, making for a seamless fit.

Dental implants replace the roots of teeth that are either missing or need to be replaced due to severe damage or injury. Our team surgically places a metal post — the implant — into your jawbone. A crown that looks just like a healthy tooth tops the implant.

How bonding, veneers, and implants differ

Bonding is the least intensive procedure of these options, but the results are a bit more subtle compared to veneers and implants. Our team might recommend bonding to correct minor issues, such as a chipped tooth, mild crack, or small gap between two teeth. 

Veneers are often preferred if you’re hoping for more pronounced aesthetic benefits that last. While bonding can stain over time, porcelain veneers stay pearly white. If you’re seeking a more movie star-like smile, you may want to go for this option.

Neither bonding nor veneers replace missing or damaged teeth, so if you need such care, implants are your best bet. Dental implants look and function just like regular healthy teeth. 

How to choose your best option

The best way to ensure that you make the ideal choice for your teeth or smile is to see Dr. Swinney or Dr. Morton for a consultation. After reviewing your dental history and examining your teeth, they can recommend your best treatment option. If you’re an optimal candidate for more than one choice, they can help you weigh out the pros and cons.

To learn more about bonding, veneers, and implants or get the oral health care you need, call Swinney Dental to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chip Swinney or Dr. Kayla Morton. You can also book using our convenient online booking feature on this website. 

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