Adjusting to Life With Dentures

If you’re missing several or more of your teeth, dentures offer several benefits, from improved chewing and speech capabilities to a smile you feel more confident about. Dentures can also help if you need to have teeth removed due to damage or decay. They look like natural teeth and, thanks to modern technology, feel more comfortable than ever before. That said, there will still likely be an adjustment period as you adapt to daily life with your dentures.

Find out if you’re a good candidate for dentures or get support around caring for them by calling Swinney Dental located in Tyler, Texas, or booking an appointment on our website. Read on to learn several effective ways to enhance the adjustment process.

Know that some challenges are normal

When you first start wearing your dentures, they may feel a bit awkward or loose for a few weeks. Over time, though, you’ll get more used them as the muscles of your cheeks and tongue will learn to keep them in place. You may also notice some minor soreness initially, as well as increased saliva flow. This, too, will gradually diminish. Having patience with yourself, knowing that any challenges are likely to be temporary, can go a long way.

Try exercising your cheeks

If you want to enhance the adjustment process, consider engaging in cheek exercises. Intentionally smile widely for short periods of time, for example, or try “the rabbit.” For this exercise, keep your mouth closed as you sport a wide smile — as though you’re grinning from ear to ear. Meanwhile, wiggle your nose until your cheek muscles feel engaged. Hold that for five seconds or so and repeat it 5-10 times. You can do such exercises leading up to getting your dentures or once you have them.

Improve your speech with singing

Special qualities of music excite different areas of the brain, in ways that can influence language and inflection. If your speech seems a bit slurred while wearing your dentures, try singing along to songs you enjoy. Slow, smooth phrases can help you get accustomed to pronouncing particular words well, so go for ballads in particular. If certain words tend to be the most difficult, sing those words only, no background music required. Sing them over and over until they start feeling natural. 

For help adjusting to your dentures, contact Swinney Dental or book an appointment with our caring team on our website.

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